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Marion Construction Company is one of the leading concrete construction companies in the Pacific Northwest. Continually adapting and growing as the market and technology advances, MCC remains current on construction costs and efficiencies.

MCC has commissioned a variety of projects such as Commercial, Industrial, Mix-Use, Parking, Public Facilities, Tilt-Up, and Utility. On every project, saftey remains the highest priority for MCC. Prudent precautions are taken to keep employees, subcontractors, suppliers, and the general public secure at all times.

Who we are

Marion Construction is a well-established privately held structural concrete construction company with both small and large project capabilities.


Marion Construction Company was incorporated in 1961 and has been a leader in contracting in the Pacific Northwest ever since.

Our mission

It is the mission of Marion Construction Company to provide a safe work environment for all employees, as well as providing for the safety of subcontractors and the general public.


Since its inception, Marion Construction Company has practically made a habit of winning awards. Year after year, we are recognized for our excellence and superior quality.
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